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Your business, job, and product choices are again at risk. U.S. trade officials are considering imposing or increasing up to 100% tariffs on many European wines, spirits, and beer imported into the U.S. putting hundreds of thousands of American jobs at risk and dramatically increasing the price of these fine products for consumers. All of this being done for a trade dispute in the large civil aircraft industry that has absolutely nothing to do with imported wines, spirits, and beer. You have an opportunity to tell them “No.”

Imported alcohol beverages support millions of American jobs and touches many more millions of American consumers. Importers are American companies supporting their local communities.

New or additional tariffs on these products from the European Union will only exacerbate the millions of American jobs lost during the devastating crisis that the restaurant and hospitality industry is facing as a result of the pandemic, and force hundreds of thousands of small businesses to close their doors. Putting at risk American jobs and small businesses is not a fair way to settle a trade dispute that has nothing to do with wines, spirits, and beer and non-alcoholic beers.    

Please let Members of Congress and the United States Trade Representative know you stand for American jobs, small businesses, and consumers, and strongly oppose these disastrous tariffs on the wines or spirits or beers. 

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